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Star-shaped itinerary on the virgin beaches

7 days, 6 nights. 5 days on horseback. Accommodation and breakfast included.

Riding along the coast

Cabo de Gata, where the sun spends the winter
Discover the Cabo de Gata Natural Park on horseback, with its unspoilt beaches, picturesque valleys and charming fishing villages.

This three to four hour per day horse riding suggestion for five consecutive days allows you to discover unique and well-preserved landscapes, far from the crowds.
You will experience the serenity of nature and quiet, while the friendly horses, in top condition and full of energy, will accompany you safely.

Our guides, attentive and helpful, will give you confidence at all times.

You will enjoy a variety of paces, from gentle rides and long trots to exciting, controlled gallops.

As well as riding, there is time to take part in other activities in the park, discover its many facets and visit the Cape's charming villages.  At the end of the day there is a comfortable accommodation where you can relax and recharge your batteries.

The "Cabo de Gata en estrella" programme is ideal for those who want to enjoy horse riding, but also want to relax, do other activities and get to know the different facets of the Nature Reserve.  It is also ideal for riders who want to improve their outdoor skills.

As a general rule, if the usual hotels are not available, we will make sure that our guests are accommodated in establishments of a similar level of quality and comfort.

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An unforgettable experience

A unique ride that will allow you to discover the unspoilt landscapes of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, with its extraordinary contrasts, people and culture.

Exclusive hotel, integrated into the park, surrounded by nature and next to the horses just a few minutes from San José.  Hotel  includes swimming pool and guarantees a restful and relaxing stay.

Long gallops along dirt paths and deserted beaches, which alternate with stretches of volcanic trails in Cabo de Gata.

Ideal riding weather from September to June. See here for average temperatures.

An itinerary that offers the opportunity to rest, explore the Natural Park and get to know its traditions and culture, as well as to take part in other excellent activities in Cabo de Gata, such as snorkelling, hiking, boat trips and 4x4 excursions.


Day 1 - Sunday

Arrival at Sotillo hotel (or Doña Pakyta), in San José. At 8 p.m. , welcome and briefing by guide.

Overnight at Sotillo hotel (or Doña Pakyta hotel) in San José.

Day 4 - Wednesday

San José - Escullos - San José The Pirates' Route. Ride along the impressive cliffs of Escullos and its surroundings. The route serpentines the coast lined with 18th century watchtowers, with magnificent views. This route gave the military, who was in charge of protecting the coast from pirate attacks, access to the most secluded coves, hence its name.

Alojamiento en el hotel Sotillo (o Doña Pakyta), en San José.

Día 7 - Sábado

Thank you and see you soon! Breakfast and check out of the hotel by 12 noon.

Breakfast at Sotillo (o Doña Pakyta) hotel, in San José.

Day 2 - Monday

San José - Genoveses - San José. Genoveses beach. Assignment and preparation of the horses after breakfast, at 9.30 a.m., in our stables in San José (5 minutes walk from the Sotillo hotel, 5 minutes drive from Pakyta hotel). Brief explanation about equipment and safety. The route begins in the direction of Genoveses beach, one of the most famous and appreciated beaches of Almería´s coastline. Its name comes from the invasion of an army of two hundred Genoese ships, a Christian alliance who supported Alfonso VII and was led by the Republic of Genoa. This group landed in the area in 1147 to take part in the Berber conquest of the city of Almería, which was under Andalusian rule at that time. It is for this reason that Almeria´s flag bears a similarity to that of Genoa´s. With the kilometre-long stretch of this beach, one can have the opportunity to gallop and experience the wonderful sensation of freedom.

Overnight at Sotillo hotel (or Doña Pakyta hotel) in San José.

Day 5 - Thursday

Los cortijos. Today's itinerary takes us to some of the most emblematic constructions in Andalusia: the "cortijos", some of which date back to Arab times. In the past, these isolated dwellings housed families who were dedicated to farming the land. Over time, some of these cortijos evolved into small self-sufficient villages, equipped with rainwater collection and storage systems called "aljibes", areas for threshing grain called "eras", and windmills for the production of flour.

Overnight at Sotillo hotel (or Doña Pakyta hotel) in San José.

Day 3 - Tuesday

Valley of volcanoes. To the north of the park, in the Sierra de Gata, are the calderas of ancient volcanoes, creating a moon-like landscape. These volcanoes were active between 15 and 16 million years ago. Today, traces of fodder plantations and rain-fed crops can be seen in this region. Faced with the aridity of Cabo de Gata, its inhabitants took the initiative to use this huge volcanic cone to collect rainwater, essential for irrigating crops in the lower areas. We will walk through the hills of these ancient volcanoes and ride along the paths that wind from the summit to the sea, following the course of the water from the scarce rainfall.

Overnight at Sotillo hotel (or Doña Pakyta hotel) in San José.

Day 6 - Friday

Mónsul. Today's route to Mónsul beach follows the coast south along paths and a track that allows long trots and cantering. Mónsul's 400-metre-long beach is framed on the sides by rock formations of volcanic origin and at the back by a large sand dune. In the middle is an imposing rock that has become the symbol of Mónsul and the Natural Park: "La Peineta de Mónsul. This rock formation has the appearance of an enormous wave that seems to want to return to the sea. Steven Spielberg chose this beach and other locations in Almería to shoot "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", a film starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

Overnight at Sotillo hotel (or Doña Pakyta hotel) in San José.

Click here to see the average temperatures and rainfall in the Cabo de Gata.

Please note, this is a suggested itinerary only and subject to change at the discretion of our guides due to weather and other influencing factors.

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Useful information


→ Breakfast: from 8 a.m. → Morning meeting time at the horse stables: 9.30 a.m.

Where are the horses?

Less than 5 minutes! The walk from the hotels to the stables and back takes less than 5 minutes. If you are staying at the Pakyta Hotel, which is a 5 minute drive from the stables, Cabacci provides daily transfers to and from the stables.

Don't forget to bring

Don't forget to bring ✔︎ Helmet. ✔︎ "All-terrain" riding boots (preferably waterproof) to walk beside the horse in rocky terrain. ✔︎ Appropriate riding pants. ✔︎ Riding gloves. ✔︎ Gaiters, if you use them habitually. We will provide you with saddle bags for you to carry with you if you wish: ✔︎ Non-breakable canteen. ✔︎ Sun protection (we recommend long sleeves). ✔︎ Lip protection. ✔︎ Insect repellent. ✔︎ Mosquito bite relief ✔︎ Swimsuit. ✔︎ Windbreaker. ✔︎ Extra battery to take pictures if your phone runs out of power. We have a basic emergency kit, but don't forget to bring any specific medication you may need.


→ Meeting at the hotel reception on Sunday (day 1) at 8 p.m.

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