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Improve your riding

Improve your skills and enjoy a great holiday in Cabo de Gata.
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Horseback improvement

Would you like to be able to enjoy horse riding in the countryside in a calm and safe way?

While on holiday in Cabo de Gata, you can learn to ride a horse - if you have never done it before, or if you have done it without any previous training - or improve your skills.

Ideal for families, couples or unaccompanied persons.

6 days, 5 nights, 5 days of 4 hour lessons, in the centre of Cabo de Gata.
Bed and breakfast included.

This course is available in both Cabo de Gata and Sierra Nevada. The programme and activities are identical in both locations.


In Cabo de Gata, participants stay at the Hotel Sotillo de San José (or at the Hotel Doña Pakyta during its annual holidays) and the course is held at the Cabacci San José.

For the Sierra Nevada, clients stay at the Palacio de Oñate, in the historic centre of Guadix, and the course takes place in Lugros, about 15 minutes drive from Guadix. We arrange transfers between the hotel and the horses every morning and afternoon.

To consider

A different holiday.

Quality learning, with methods that take into account the ethology of the horse and experienced tutors. 

Trained horses that ensure safety during learning.

An idyllic place for a vacation. Cabo de Gata is a very exclusive destination.  Unaltered extraordinary landscapes, a virgin coast full of amazing beaches and coves, charming towns.  You can breathe a relaxed atmosphere, eat well, and you can do multiple activities.

Exclusive hotel, integrated into the park, genuine, in the middle of nature, located next to the horses and a few minutes from San José, with a swimming pool. Ensures a restful and relaxing vacation. 

En Sierra Nevada, disfrutará. de una estancia en un encantador hotel ubicado en el corazón del centro histórico de Guadix, cercano a atracciones culturales, restaurantes, bares y espectáculos auténticos. Asimismo, en los entornos de la ciudad, descubrirá fascinantes senderos para caminar y encantadores pueblos que valen la pena explorar.

Practical course, with horseback riding abroad from the first day, to strengthen learning and not have to wait to live the experience of riding a horse in the middle of nature.

Teaching adapted to the level and objectives  of each participant.

Pioneering and exclusive course that we have been carrying out for more than 30 years.


Day 1 - Sunday

Arrival at the hotel, welcome and briefing about the course "Learn to ride a horse" (usually at 8:00 p.m. at the hotel).

Lodging at the Sotillo hotel, in San José.

Day 4 -  Wednesday

On the track: more balance exercises, raised trot, control of the horse. Going abroad to put into practice what has been learned.

Breakfast and accommodation at the Sotillo hotel, in San José.

Day 2 - Monday

Learn to groom and saddle the horse. Basic notions: balance, stop, turn. Exit to the outside.

Breakfast and accommodation at the Sotillo hotel, in San José.

Day 5 - Thursday

On the track: lifted trot and start of the suspended trot. Go abroad to practice what you have learned.

Breakfast and accommodation at the Sotillo hotel, in San José.

Day 3 - Tuesday

On the track: balance, turns at a walk, control of the horse. Outing with the horse to practice what has been learned.

Breakfast and accommodation at the Sotillo hotel, in San José.

Day 6 - Friday

outdoor only Walk to Genoveses to put into practice everything you have learned and enjoy an incredible walk.

Breakfast at the Sotillo hotel, in San José.

Useful information


→ Breakfast: from 8 a.m. → Meeting time every day in the stables: 9:30 a.m.

Where are the horses?

Less than 5 minutes! The journey from the hotel to the stables and vice versa is done on foot in less than 5 minutes.

Don't forget to bring

✔︎ Helmet. ✔︎ "All-terrain" riding boots (preferably waterproof) to walk beside the horse in rocky terrain. ✔︎ Appropriate riding pants. ✔︎ Riding gloves. ✔︎ Gaiters, if you use them habitually. We will provide you with saddle bags for you to carry with you if you wish: ✔︎ Non-breakable canteen. ✔︎ Sun protection (we recommend long sleeves). ✔︎ Lip protection. ✔︎ Insect repellent. ✔︎ Mosquito bite relief ✔︎ Swimsuit. ✔︎ Windbreaker. We have a basic emergency kit, but don't forget to bring any specific medication you may need.


→ Meeting at the hotel reception on Sunday (day 1) at 8:00 p.m. →Special diet? Let us know in advance!

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